Saturday, 7 January 2012

A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

Bb Bb Bb
Heart beats fast

D C Bb Bb Bb Bb
Colors and pro-mi-ses

F Eb D Bb G
How to be brave__

F Eb D C D A A Bb Bb Bb
How can I love when I'm afraid to fall

Bb D C Bb Bb Bb Bb
But watching you stand a - lone

F Eb D Bb G
All of my doubt__

F Eb D C D A Bb G
Suddenly goes away somehow

G A Bb A
One step clo - ser

I have died everyday

G F C Bb
Waiting for you

Darling dont be afraid

G F C Bb
I have loved you

Bb C Eb D G
For a thou - sand years___

G Bb C Bb C Eb D F
I'll love you for a thou - sand more

Sorry that it's not the full song but that's all we have so far. . . :/

You can repeat it again for the second verse. :) I'll edit if we get anymore. Thanks! :D

:P I've edited this A LOT & the words will not stay with the notes. :/ Sorry
This IS a Twilight song. (not really but it was in the movie lol).


  1. Please please finish. I've waited on this for a thousand years!

    1. Lol. Check out my blog - I will prob upload it there.

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  3. Hi I don't think you really check your website anymore, but I know and have a lot of flute music. I would love to have your email so I can give you the music so you can put it on your blog. I think it would be wonderful if everyone could have the notes and music I figured out. I have everything from 80's, to pop that is on now, to disney songs, to christian songs, to broadway musicals. I would just love to share my music because these blogs have really helped me. I was thinking about quiting cuz band is really easy.